Idea Edit

People often write things off before actually investing in them. They stay distant from complex things (for example, stories). As a story unfolds, a non-committed viewer misses more and more details. Halfway through a story, the person has missed so much that they only have a superficial understanding of what is actually happening... And their interpretation of a great story is that of a cheesy childish fairy tale.

By the end of it, the viewer finds a way to justify not looking into it further. He/she thinks they have already experienced what it has to offer. To him/her, it would be a joke to spend any more time on it. It's a waste of time because it's boring and stupid. It doesn't offer immediate answers, so there is no point in taking it seriously.

People do that kind of thing all of the time.. Whenever I think something is awesome and someone else hates it, that is usually the reason.

Since we seem to like going meta, it is bound to happen with people's interpretations. It might be interesting to do a story about a person reading the story of Kindlyn and staying detached. That would also allow for an alternate reality where the same character experiences the story while paying attention to it, if we still want to take the multiverse route.

Additional Notes Edit

Hayden Davenport: A lack of investment (due to something not being immediately engaging) leads to a lack of understanding, which leads to detachment, which leads to a further lack of investment.

Jordan Thompson: In other words, the people who take life seriously are recognized as the people who take life TOO seriously by the people who don't realize how joking they're approach to life is.

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