Idea Edit

Copyright Act of 1790 - An Act for the encouragement of learning

Patent Act of 1790 - An Act to promote the progress of useful Arts

When someone made an invention, once they sold the product, they had to cover the cost of inventing the product. Imitators didn't need to cover that cost, so they would copy and lower the price, keeping the inventor from making a profit. So these acts were made to allow for the original inventor to see a brief window where only He or She could sell the product. The hope was that other inventors would move on to making new things instead of copying so that inventions would grow more rapidly.

The acts were designed as an incentive for creativity, and to allow for the production of a rich public domain for everyone to take knowledge from.

But then Disney paid lobbyists because Mickey's patent was going to expire. And now we hoard our inventions like mad, sue people for taking our ideas, and try everything to keep our ideas out of the public domain.

I feel like there is a song/slice of life in there somewhere. I certainly think it fits this theme: "this is a city where the "bloom" has already occurred, and now we're looking at the overgrowth and possible decay that comes afterwards."

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