Current Lyrics Edit


I see the frantic city people whirling by,

like little lightning blurs.

In assent and out of it,

they spit and argue,

turning and until the lights flash red.

The jugglers and fire-eaters,

lions and acrobats,

step side-to-side in perfect motion,

and the world turns around them.

The lights twist and splutter,

winding down the weakest rows.

They blink out of sight.

The concrete falls flat,

but the act goes on.

I feel the wind through my fingers,

and at the top of this high rise,

I'm looking in, looking out.

Kindlyn in majesty, and summer in Bloom.

Current Audio Edit

Flamespitters Master 1

Current Artwork Edit

Nothing uploaded yet!



-It’s wonky but still organized, and the Circus people are ambitious and talented rather than creepy. The Circus is a GOOD thing.

-The Circus moves throughout all of Kindlyn, as its heart, but currently resides in Bloom for Flamespitters.-The Circus has been to Bloom before. City:

-The City, once inspired by the Circus, has become misguided in its perspective of what the Carnival embodies. They have been away from the Circus for too long.

-Instead of wonky, it’s chaotic, rude, and rushed, moving to a corporate mindset that encourages instant gratification and hostility towards others for personal gain.


-The character on the roof is beginning to realize the contrast between the two and feels a sense of wonder for what was once so majestic, and could potentially still be.

-Summer represents a phase of anger and disorder that Bloom is currently undergoing. Music:

-Throughout the song, the Character sees the city as frantic and busy, then sees the carnival which is wonky but orderly,  then moves back to the city which suddenly seems dull and jaded in comparison

Additons (Tentative):

-Character A realizes at the end of the Circus that he wishes to join the carnival, though this is intentionally never explicitly stated -He is ambitious and will see the world through the circus.

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