Lyrics Edit

I Am a Blind Man

They talk of space as if it were something to be explored.

It’s already here. Been here the whole time.

There’s a thirty thousand kilometer gap between the world and my reflection

through the window.

My house is a home, and these four walls are my grace.

Here I can breathe.

Here I can call a truce and wait for something to arrive.

I know, a dazzling world will surely come to me.

The world will surely come for me.

Don’t look.

Don’t look out on the void.

What you’d see is nothing less than terror given form.

Nothing more than lights burning in the dark.

Your blood is warm, but your skin sustains you.

Your blood flows, but your skin is what saves you.

Your skin is a home, and a home is better than nothing.

Music Edit

Art Edit

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