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One day a few years ago, my mom was at the public library. A man inside caught her attention. He was old and he seemed to be using the internet for the first time, with help from a librarian. My mom described his facial expression as pure amazement. She was charmed for a moment by this little “slice of life” display: an awe-stricken senior citizen entering the high-tech age. How delightful. Then she went about her own business. She later checked out her books and was heading to her car when she noticed the old man standing in the parking lot. He appeared to be having some sort of inner-conflict, not knowing what to do or where to go. My mom was worried he had Alzheimer’s and that he forgot where he parked his car, so she approached him to make sure he was okay. He was, but he still needed help from her in a way she didn’t expect. He informed my mom that the wildest thing had just happened to him, and she could tell that he needed someone to lend an ear. The old man explained that he fought in the Vietnam War, and that it was constantly on his mind. His daughter had been advising him to seek therapy, perhaps by finding and re-connecting with his fellow soldiers via the internet, but he was reluctant. Then the old man revealed what the “wildest thing” was. Using a computer for the first time about half an hour earlier, he experienced his first Google Images search. A picture of his war buddy in front of their tent was among the first images the old man saw. I don’t know what he typed into the search bar, but he certainly didn’t think it would hit so close to home.  I thought of this as a continuation of the theme of wonder, but it could branch off of that into the idea of coincidence versus something happening for a reason (my mom describes the situation as Divine Intervention…as in, it was a sign that he needs to do what his daughter recommends). Or the focus could be different: first impressions (appearance vs reality), fixation/healing/rebirth, importance of community, sentiment, etc. This idea could also provide strong new characters. But just to be clear, the lyrics that come from these ideas wouldn’t necessarily have to be literal, or reference the story. 


Jordan Thompson: I think of this story as representing something that is so common (the internet) to many people, to NORMAL people, but then it can still be special to an individual. In other words patterns and stereotypes are flawed because of the simple reason that subjectivity exists. Something mainstream can be used by a "hipster". Humans are so complex. There are many different reasons to attach oneself to any interest.

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